Wine Project S.A.S. is a french company established in 2013. It offers a number of services to professionals, connoisseurs and lovers of exceptional French wines. Through a network of strategic international partnerships, Wine Project activities are mainly recorded in export.


OUR Services

Wine Project, in its desire to satisfy the curious and lovers of exceptional wines, is diversifying as would an experiments laboratory, on real added value services to guide, help and meet their expectations.

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Do you wish to come in contact with us and benefit from our network ? We are creative in the way we identify and develop precious, synergic relationships.

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our values

Wine Project S.A.S. is a french company established in 2013. It offers a number of services to professionals, connoisseurs and lovers of exceptional French wines. Through a network of strategic international partnerships, Wine Project activities are mainly recorded in export.

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THE team

The Cavacave team consists of experts with complementary skills and thus offering Wine Project all means to achieve its ambitions. Driven by a common and shared passion for wine,  here are the pillars of Wine Project with which you will sooner or later get the opportunity to exchange. 

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Cavacave Auction

Some opt for the auction solution offered by Cavacave, by publishing their lots up for auction. WineForecasts, quotes expert and long-term Cavacave partner, estimates the value of lots based on pictures. The seller is put in direct contact with the buyer, and decides what he is selling, at what price. Fast and anonymous, the service is experiencing a growing success.

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Cavacave Invest’ 

This service is aimed towards investors seeking to diversify their patrimony. Rare wines are indeed an investment with a high return potential. Again, WineForecasts provide their expertise in selecting the most profitable wines with an exclusive mathematical model for predicting the evolution of the price fluctuations. Customers of this service are selected because the supply of this type of wine is extremely limited for achieving the recorded performance. From 10 000€ invested, this diversification in tangible goods has also met an international success.

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The Wine Project teams are driven by their will to satisfy their clients, and develop a trustworthy relationship through total transparency.

Wine Project positions itself as a considerable actor within the exceptional French wine market. Based on an agile and performant technological approach, it wishes to maintain a ‘human-sized’ format and offer quality services animated by a team of experts around the world. Meanwhile, we believe that we can not work this product without the full knowledge, understanding and acknowledgement of what characterises it, that is to say, sharing, conviviality and authenticity.

Wine Project selects its partners knowing that these values are shared, as we are convinced that it remains the most reliable, cost-effective and sustainable way to develop our brands, our partnerships and our activity.

Wine Project establishes partnerships with various actors related to its activity. Whether they be estates, dealers and resellers, companies offering wine preservation services to individuals and professionals, auction houses and international actors within the exceptional win market. Always on the search for new opportunities and encounters, we invite you to contact us if you are intimately convinced that we could collaborate :


WineForecast : Current and prospective wine quotes. An exclusive service !Cavacave exclusively commercialises WineForecasts*. This partnership allows one to predict the quotes of wines put up for sale on the website, immediately accessible for free. This tool also allows to draw a prospective quote which predicts the future evolution of this same quote. 


Verspieren ensures your wine cellar and your Grands Crus against all risk (theft, fire, major water damage, breakage). Leading independent insurance , Verspieren offers a specific contract for your exceptional wines.


iCave : The cellar your bottles would choose !
iCave is a storing services offered by the Caves des Montquartiers. Store your bottles in underground wine cellars, benefiting from ideal conservation conditions. Manage you wine cellar book online on any online platform.

InVinôme guarantees that your wines be kept safely and under ideal conditions.
InVinôme has a naturally conditioned cellar, implanted in authentique 19th century winery’s located 5 minutes away from Lille. 

Stéphane Deubel – 45 ans - CEO

Stéphane Deubel – 45 ans - CEO

Stéphane initiated Wine Project. He is in charge and accountable for administration, strategic partnerships and international developments. Graduated from Business School and entriched by 20years of international professional life, Stéphane successfully supported the development of famous and prestigious brands such as Lancôme, Publicis, Canon Europe, Mastercard, Lucent Technologies, Oxford Properties, Sofres. Stéphane is one of the pioneers of the Internet while Google did not exist. He decided in 2013 to combine its expertise and one of his passion for the purpose of sharing: Wine. Citizen of the world, his vision is international and multicultural. If you ask him the limits of his knowledge of wine, he humbly answers that he knows how to open and warmly share a good bottle. It is in this spirit of humanity he has has conceptualized Cavacave. On the lookout for opportunities and permanent watch of the market, you are invited to contact him at

Marion Pantin - 30 ans - Publisher

Marion Pantin - 30 ans - Publisher

Marion grew-up in Burgundy, a famous french region when it comes to wine and gastronomy. Graduated from Communication University, Marion presents an accurate web understanding as a comprehensive channel. She developed important internet and e-business assets in France and in the Netherlands on the highly competitive online comparison market. Initialy specialized in content and ensuring consistency of editorials, she follows with interest and curiosity the evolution of Google requirements (SEO) to lead her to a real expertise. From these evolving rules of trafic acquisition, Marion adds community managment skills to her content management toolbox. 

She combines the excellence and accuracy necessary to satisfy not only the appetite of users but also SEO constraints from search engine. Thus, giving Cavacave visibility and optimal relevance. For her, to uncork a bottle is synonymous with sharing and happy moments to live. Cavacave allows to combine her passion for the web and wine. You are invited to contact her at

Aurélien Basille - 34 ans - CTO

Aurélien Basille - 34 ans - CTO

Software engineer and web developer, Aurélien cumulates 10 year experience in various size company from the start-up mode (iXCore) to international groups (Orange and alcatel R&D departments). The constancy of this passionate professional and expert in web technologies is to have systematically worked on critical high-availability services (GSM networks, authentication Livebox, ERP). By leveraging his past experience and successes in Cavacave, Aurélien follows his main focus : deliver user centric, efficient and performing services combining his passion for Wine. You are invited to contact him at

Edouard Berry - 28 ans - Personnal wine advisor

Edouard Berry - 28 ans - Personnal wine advisor

After few years of experience in the wine business and in the vineyard in France and in New Zealand, Edouard chose to specialize in fine and rare wines. Today, working at Cavacave, Edouard is in charge of the investment department as account manager and wine broker. You can trust him on his wine knowledge and on his tasting skills to find for you the perfect match between your taste and your desires. You are invited to contact her at 

Damien Poirier - 34 ans -   Computer & Data scientist

Damien Poirier - 34 ans - Computer & Data scientist

Damien holds a PhD in computer science and is specialized in data mining and data learning. After several experiences in France and South America, he joined the team in order to improve the wine and spirits investment service of Cavacave. 

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